AirDroid Users Vulnerable To Man In The Middle Attack

AirDroid is a popular Android application that allows users to send and receive text messages and transfer files and see notifications from their computer. But it may not be popular for long as mobile security company Zimperium recently released details of several major security vulnerabilities in the application. These vulnerabilities would allow  attackers on the same network to access user information and execute code on a user’s device. In other words, the app is vulnerable to a man in the middle attack. Since there are between 10 and 50 million installations of the app, this is not a trivial matter. Now Zimperium did reach out to the people behind AirDroid about this back in May, but after seeing two releases that didn’t address this issue, the company decided to go public.

So if you’re a user of AirDroid, how do you protect yourself? Well, the only real mitigation is to stop using AirDroid until a fix is available. Now that this is public, I suspect that an update is coming really soon now to limit the bad press that this is generating.


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