I Am Guessing That Microsoft Is Sensitive About Office 2016 Feedback…

…. And I say that because their Twitter account decided to respond to this tweet:

Now, what he’s trying to say is that 2016 has been the worst year yet. Likely because of all the famous people who passed away in 2016, or the US election, or both. But I don’t read minds. Neither does Microsoft apparently as they thought he was referring to Word 2016 which is part of Office 2016 when they responded to him:


If you read the tweets that follow, it’s clear that this has now become an epic joke at the expense of Microsoft. Now it’s clear that they’re using a piece of software like Radian6 or Hootsuite which is simply trolling for anything having to do with the Office 2016 suite. But instead of applying some common sense, or perhaps consulting the Urban Dictionary, they are now the ones being trolled.


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