VW To Cut Another Big Cheque To The US Government

It looks like VW is going to be paying up to the tune of $4.3 billion to the US government to resolve the government’s civil and criminal investigations into dieselgate. The formal announcement is likely to come this afternoon. From the CBC:

The world’s second largest automaker confirmed Tuesday it has negotiated a $4.3-billion concrete draft settlement with U.S. regulators to resolve its diesel emissions issues and plans to plead guilty to criminal misconduct as part of the civil and criminal settlement.

The settlement doesn’t impact the government’s ongoing investigation into individual misconduct by current and former VW employees.

Keep in mind that this is on top of VW paying $15 billion to the feds not too long ago, and one of their execs getting arrested just in the last few days. Clearly they are trying to make dieselgate go away sooner rather than later.


One Response to “VW To Cut Another Big Cheque To The US Government”

  1. […] years, and an engineer got sent to the clink for 40 months. It should also be noted that VW cut a pretty big cheque to the US Government to make this go away and they pled guilty as a company to a variety of criminal charges too. This […]

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