Microsoft Making Privacy Related Changes To Windows 10

If you want to run an OS that constantly spies on you, look no further than Windows 10. I’ve written about how invasive this OS is and how it should bother users. I guess that Microsoft has heard that loud and clear as they are preparing changes to the OS to better ensure that users have some degree of privacy. These changes were announced in a blog post and include:

  • A new Microsoft privacy dashboard on the web that lets you easily see and manage your activity data.
  • New privacy controls and settings, which will “help ensure you are in control of your privacy.”

Here’s the thing. This announcement coincides with  a statement by the Swiss data protection and privacy regulator, the FDPIC, which said it would drop its threats of a lawsuit after the company “agreed to implement” a string of recommendations it made last year. So in short, Microsoft wanted to avoid being slapped by the Swiss and did this to make them go away. The problem is that none of the changes that Microsoft has detailed completely turns off Windows 10’s ability to phone home as per this from the blog post:

Second, we’ve simplified our Diagnostic data collection from three levels to two: Basic and Full. If you previously selected the Enhanced level, you’ll have the option to choose Basic or Full with the Creators Update.

Third, we’ve further reduced the data collected at the Basic level. This includes data that is vital to the operation of Windows. We use this data to help keep Windows and apps secure, up-to-date, and running properly when you let Microsoft know the capabilities of your device, what is installed, and whether Windows is operating correctly. This option also includes basic error reporting back to Microsoft.


The Creators update of Windows 10 which also is known as “Redstone 2” is the next major update of the OS and is due out in April. It will be interesting to see if there are additional tweaks based on the feedback of users, or governments who don’t like Microsoft’s data collection policies.


2 Responses to “Microsoft Making Privacy Related Changes To Windows 10”

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  2. […] those addressed by the adding features such as the privacy dashboard, which Microsoft introduced after lawsuits from Switzerland were threatened and ultimatums from France were fired out. Reuters has the […]

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