Oh The Irony: Windows 10 IPv6 Bug Stops Microsoft’s IPv6 Rollout

Microsoft is apparently moving from the IPv4 standard of network addressing to the much more modern IPv6 standard. But the rollout has hit a snag. According to Marcus Keane via a blog post, a bug in Windows 10 is one item of many that is putting the brakes on this rollout:

The second issue slowing us down was a DHCPv6 bug in Windows 10. This affected both stateful and stateless schemes. Needless to say, IPv6-only expansion was impossible until we resolved this issue. We have reported it to the product group, and they are duly working on a fix.

So in effect, one part of Microsoft is waiting on another part of Microsoft to fix an issue with a Microsoft product. That’s incredibly ironic.

But this does bring up a few discussion points aside from the fact that Microsoft can’t get it’s own OS working with IPv6 properly. Many companies are going to have to go to IPv6 at some point in the near future. Consumers will as well. The fact that one of the biggest software companies in the world is struggling with this, what hope do the rest of us have? Another point, IPv6 is not backwards compatible. That means that the complexity to pull off this transition skyrockets. Perhaps if it were backwards compatible, there would be less pain experienced by those who want to make the switch? In any case, watching how Microsoft navigates this will be an interesting case study for anyone who is thinking of making this switch.


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