My Trip To India & Germany – Part 4

Today is my last day in India. I have completed my assessment and I have come to the conclusion that my client would be best served to bring their tech support in house. As a result, I can fully expect to be visiting India frequently over the next year to help them get this done. Now that I am done here, I can rest and prepare to journey to Frankfurt Germany where I have a client who wants me to solve a bunch of issues in the 27 hours that I am on the ground there. But before I leave India, here’s a few shots of the Cyber Hub:


I had lunch here today. This has a variety of Asian food and it was very good. Advance warning, they have food with peanuts for those of you who have peanut allergies. Other than that, I’d recommend this place without hesitation.


Here’s a look at the traffic around Cyber City. This was taken around noon and traffic was sort of moving. When I arrived a couple of hours earlier, traffic was not moving as smoothly.


Here’s a view from the car that took me from the hotel to Cyber City. This should have been a 15 minute drive. But today it took me 45 minutes.

Here’s a video from last night showing the traffic that this place has:


An oddity that I found in my room is in the form of setting the TV in my room to channel 2. It shows this Windows XP desktop. I can’t interact with it, but I found it to be weird as I have no clue where this is coming from.

So now I am going to get some sleep as I am checking out of the Le Meridan hotel at midnight to get to the airport to get to Frankfurt for the morning. Expect my next update from there.

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