My Trip To India & Germany – Part 7

Well, I had an uneventful flight back to Toronto via Air Canada that they didn’t screw up. I did have a bunch of crying kids on the flights which didn’t exactly make it fun. But I am home and that is what counts. Having said that, because of what happened earlier in the trip as well as one other instance where my travel plans were ruined, I likely will not be flying Air Canada again.

Now, I did have e-mail waiting in my inbox for me when I got home asking how I used Tile to help find my luggage. Well, if I have to find my luggage, I activate it by pressing find:


It then leverages my phone and other Tile members to find my luggage. When I do find it, I see I have the option of showing it on a map:


Now it didn’t give me an exact location, but it gives me enough of an idea where it might be. So I know where to look for it. In a huge airport baggage hall, that can be handy.

So, what’s up for my next trip? I am working on a trip to Japan for later this year. Plus there are going to be return trips to India and perhaps Germany too. When I take those trips, I’ll be sure to document them.

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