Review: Noyce 4m Lightning To USB Cable

I have a very unique cable in my possession to review. It’s the Noyce 4m Lightning To USB cable. Here’s a look at it:


This cable has a bunch of things going for it. Let’s start with the fact that the cable is 4m long. That’s 13 feet in old money. That’s an insanely long cable which makes it perfect for desks, or your bedside, or any use case where length matters. Here’s another item that this cable has going for it:


To keep things neat and tidy, not to mention looking classy, there’s this Brazilian leather strap.


The ends are apparently tested to be able to bend 5000 times for durablity. Not only that, I found that this connector fit into the cases that I tried it with.

What’s missing from this cable? MFI certification. That’s clear when I check this Amazon page which says this:


Thus if you buy this cable, be prepared for it to not work with your iDevice. Though in my testing, it worked with every iPhone I tried it with. This cable costs $19.90 on Amazon. In short, I love the length, the leather strap, and the fact that it’s durable. But the lack of MFI certification gives me cause to pause as that is important. Thus you should keep that in mind if you choose to buy this cable.


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