An Update On Australian Hyundai Owners Attempts To Get Android Auto/Apple CarPlay

Seeing as some progres is being made for Canadian Hyundai owners to get Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in their cars, I’m going to focus on Australian Hyundai owerns to get the same in their cars.

The people behind this in Australia have set up a Facebook page which is only 4 months old and already has attracted 133 members. That’s a signifcant jump from when this page was set up last October. On top of that, 121 members have now signed a petition to asking Hyundai Australia to implement Apple CarPlay/Android Auto in the Hyundai Tucson. But the most striking thing is the comments on the Facebook page. Here’s some examples: 



Clearly Hyundai Australia has a major perception problem. In my opinion, it would be smart if Hyundai Australia got out in front of this before it really spirals out of control because of negative press. The person behind this Facebook page is going to e-mail the CEO of Hyundai Australia to see that will generate some action. I’m also going to try and see if there’s any chance to get a word with Hyundai Australia to see if I can get their side of the story as well. Thus watch this space. 

2 Responses to “An Update On Australian Hyundai Owners Attempts To Get Android Auto/Apple CarPlay”

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  2. […] been tracking the story of Hyundai Australia owners trying to get Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for a few months now. […]

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