Online Coaching Tool CoachThem Launched

Recently retired Montreal Canadien defenseman Mike Weaver and Florida Panthers Goaltending Coach, Robb Tallas have channeled their years of on and off-ice experience in professional hockey to develop CoachThem, an online resource web app geared towards coaches of all levels.

In addition to their NHL playing careers, both Weaver and Tallas have spent years running elite training camps for aspiring hockey players. This ongoing coaching experience has led them to embrace the benefits that technology brings to hockey coaches, associations and ultimately aspiring athletes, to aid in developing, maintaining and leading effective practices. It all began when Weaver played for the Florida Panthers, and he and Tallas had a discussion about the gap n the market – there was a need for something simple that worked on all platforms, across all operating systems.

CoachThem, provides coaches and associations with a digital platform to create, custom practices, drills, and share with the sports community. Gone are the days of binders and lost sheets of paper – this web-based tool allows anyone to compile practices on any device or operating system.

The tool provides coaches with the ability to:

  • CREATE – Draw digital drills with a mouse, finger or pencil. Never been easier.
  • ORGANIZE – Create practices before arrival to the rink. Stay informed.
  • DISCOVER – The marketplace feature offers new and unique drills. Grow as a Coach.
  • SHARE – Share with your Coaching staff, association or a friend. Makes the game better.
  • CUSTOMIZE – Create personal groups to share information. Spread the Love of the game.
  • EDUCATION – Learn more about the game through video tutorials. Teach accurately.

Operating as a web app, there is no need for downloads or updates – CoachThem is constantly evolving and subscribers will be privy to the most recent version each and every time they log on. There is no use of Adobe Flash Plugin which has been known to cause damage to computers due to it’s vulnerability to hackers.

The tool is available on an annual subscription basis, for $5 per month. That fee allows access to the Marketplace, where additional information, drills, customized practices created by the former NHL players and current NHL coaches can be accessed.

Here’s a video of CoachThem in action:

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