The World Theatre Map Announced

HowlRound, a knowledge commons by and for the theatre community, announces the launch of The World Theatre Map in collaboration with the Global Theater Initiative, a partnership between Theatre Communications Group and the Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics. The World Theatre Map is a user-generated directory and real-time map of the global theatre community. 

The World Theatre Map aims to make the entire theatre field visible to itself by providing a collectively-owned, people-powered infrastructure to connect isolated theatremakers to vital information resources, knowledge, and each other. It’s a digital commons, free and open to all.

Users can, at no cost, create a profile for themselves and/or others which becomes part of the searchable World Theatre Map directory. Users may add information about plays, productions, artists, and the World Theatre Map will stitch together disparate events to form the production history of a play through time and space. The directory is also searchable—for users to search, discover, and connect to other theatremakers, organizations, artists, plays, events, and commons interest areas. And finally, the World Theatre Map also lists all of the directory’s events happening each day, around the world. 

The World Theatre Map is a digital tool for all theatremakers—playwrights, producers, directors, designers, performers, programmers, theatre companies large and small, service organizations, and theatre institutions around the world. From now through June 30, 2017, The World Theatre Map is in a public beta period to collect user feedback from the field to define what the second version should feature in July, 2017. The World Theatre Map builds upon the learning and contains all of the data from the previous project of HowlRound, The New Play Map. The current site is in both English at and Spanish at The hope is that version 2 will expand into even more languages.

For more information:

  • Find out more about what the World Theatre Map does, and what this six-month beta-period is about.
  • Read about this past year’s development process here.

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