Yahoo Pwned By Hackers AGAIN

It is clear that Yahoo can’t keep its infrastructure secure as the company has had to admit that they’ve been hacked once again. The Hacker News has details on the hack which apparently doesn’t require require your password for hackers to pwn you. What’s even worse, the report says that “state sponsored attackers” are behind this. Affected users are being notified by Yahoo and there is no clear indication of how many users have been pwned.

Thus it’s no shock that Verizon who still wants to buy Yahoo despite all of this, wants a $250 million haircut to close the deal.  Personally if I were Verizon, I’d scrap the deal entirely. There’s nothing of value here given that Yahoo is a complete disaster from everything that I see here.

In the meantime, I will be visiting a client who apparently can’t get into her Yahoo e-mail in the last few days. I am hoping that this is not related to this hack. But anything is possible. Update to come.

UPDATE: The customer was one of the people affected by this. She had Yahoo force a password change which locked her account until she made the change. I helped her do that on her computer and iPad and now she’s back in business.


2 Responses to “Yahoo Pwned By Hackers AGAIN”

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