Introducing Evercondo: Improving The Condo Experience Digitally

Did you know more than 50% of homes being built in North America are condos? We are increasingly shifting to community-oriented living particularly in cities like Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver. In light of this growth property management is becoming a new market waiting to be disrupted with technology.

One start-up is setting out to improve the community experience by taking the industry from pen-and-paper to digital. Evercondo  is reaching extraordinary success with its easy-to-use web and mobile platform that connects property managers, board members, and tenants to manage requests, increase transparency, and improve efficiency.

The market opportunity is huge – with more than 70-million people living in managed communities in North America. The company, which has grown 300% in the last two years and has established itself in 22 provinces and states managing more than 500 communities, is setting its sight on disrupting this huge market and bringing it into the digital world. 

Evercondo Facts:

  • Adrian Teh built Evercondo for the Malaysian market. Two years ago he re-launched the platform to suit the growing needs of North American communities.
  • With more than 45,000 users across 500 communities, this startup is profitable and has retained 100% of its clients.
  • The company works with leading property management companies and condo boards to improve communication flow with residents, increase transparency, and create operational efficiencies – with up to $9,000 in savings each year.
  • Customers report new levels of tenant satisfaction and higher levels of engagement.

 Here’s a video introduction of Evercondo: 


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