Cineplex Asking Users To Change Their Passwords…. Why?

That’s the question being asked by people who use Cineplex Connect as they got an e-mail this morning asking them to change their passwords. Here’s an example of such an e-mail posted to Twitter by someone who thinks this is an attempt at phishing:

The problem is, that this e-mail is actually legit as confirmed by the Cineplex Twitter account:

So…. Why are they doing this? In my mind, it’s one of these three things:

  1. Cineplex Got pwned by hackers.
  2. Cineplex is watching other Canadian companies like Loblaw and Canadian Tire get pwned by hackers and is simply getting ahead of the curve in terms of trying to keep their users safe.
  3. This is related to the Cloudflare disclosure of leaked data. It is not clear if Cineplex is a Cloudflare customer, but the timing is interesting enough to make that a possiblity.

Whatever the reason, you should likely change your password. To change your password, you need to login to Cineplex’s website, click on the Security tab and follow password change instructions. In the meantime, we’ll have to guess which one of the three reasons that I stated is the truth. I’d like to think it’s the second one, but these days you never know.


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