Microsoft To Once Again Force Windows 10 Updates Upon You

Those who are brave enough to be part of the Windows 10 Insiders Program which gives you access to the latest versions of Windows 10, one of which is due in April, have spotted something that is sure to upset a lot of Windows users. The details first popped up on Windows Supersite where people noticed in the updates section of the control panel, it says this:

“We’ll automatically download and install updates, except on metered connection (where charges may apply). In that case, we’ll only download those updates required to keep Windows running smoothly,”

So… What that means is I get force fed some updates that Microsoft feels are required, or I get force fed everything. Lovely. When Windows Supersite asked the folks in Redmond about this, here’s what they said:

“We don’t plan to send large updates over metered connections, but could use this for critical fixes if needed in the future.”

Clear as mud. No?

Here’s the thing. I have said that users should be installing updates to whatever OS they use. Mac, Windows, Linux, whatever. The thing is users should be in control of that. This model has Microsoft in control. That has led to me making a fair amount of money from people who have had automatic updates on Windows 10 go horribly sideways. There’s something fundamentally wrong with that as frankly, I should not be making money in that scenario because users should have the choice to install updates when and how they choose to. Simply force feeding updates down people’s throats in whole or in part is just an #EpicFail waiting to happen. In fact, I can think of this occasion where it already has happened.



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