Skip The Dishes Poor Response To An Applicant’s Question About Pay Becomes A PR Nightmare

I have a piece of advice for companies who are in the market for talent. Be very careful how you reply to a prospective employee as your words may be used against you on social media. Case in point is a woman who wanted to work for a new Canadian based food delivery company call Skip The Dishes. She asked about pay and benefits which in my mind seems reasonable. She got a result that she wasn’t expecting. They cancelled her interview. She in response tweeted out what she asked the company and what their response was. I’d recommend clicking on the Tweet below and seeing her question and the responses from Skip The Dishes in full:

As I type this, this tweet has been liked over six thousand times and retweeted over five thousand times. In the process creating a huge PR nightmare for Skip The Dishes as there is now a “#boycotSkip” hashtag that is gaining steam.

If I were applying for a job, I’d want to know what I’d be looking at in terms of pay and benefits. After all, I have to eat, pay the bills and the like. By saying that by asking these questions during the interview process that the person who asks them is not an “organizational fit” is a #fail. It really sounds like Skip The Dishes is exploiting their employees which is a harsh thing to say, but based on this response, what else is one to think?

In any case, given the traction that this tweet has, Skip The Dishes has bigger problems than one job applicant. It will be interesting to see how and if they can recover from this.

UPDATE: Skip The Dishes has reacted to this PR nightmare with this:

And This:

The thing is that today is March 21st and these tweets were posted on the 13th and 14th of March and we are still talking about this. That shows how much of a PR disaster this is. Plus the “#boycotSkip” hashtag is still going strong. Another indication that this isn’t good for the company.

UPDATE #2: Curious about what Skip The Dishes pays, I decided to look around to see if I could find that info. The best I could do is this Reddit discussion which indicates that drivers are not paid an hourly wage. Instead they get a fee of $4 – $7 per delivery. They have to cover the costs of upkeep on their vehicles and they get no benefits. The kicker is that this info comes from the company itself. There’s also some info from a person who claims to be a driver for them that does not read as being a positive experience.

Having said all of that, I could not find any info on what their office jobs pay.


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