Nest Cameras Vulnerable To Pwnage That Allows Thefts Of Homes

If you rely on a Google Nest camera to keep your home safe when you are out and about, you might want to read this story. The cameras have a vulnerability that involves using Bluetooth LE to crash the cameras for anywhere from 60 to 90 seconds. This is due to a problem firmware version 5.2.1. Security Researcher Jason Doyle spotted the problems last year and alerted Nest. However, nothing was done to fix the issue and so Doyle has decided to go public with a proof of concept on GitHub. Meaning that it is now possible for tech savvy thieves to pwn the cameras and then rob you. And if 60 to 90 seconds doesn’t sound like a lot, it is certainly enough time for a smash and grab job.

At the moment there is no fix for this. And there’s no real way to protect yourself. But there is apparently a firmware update on the way that will address this, which I hope comes very quickly before this becomes a real problem.


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