250,000 Canadian e-learners On Alison

Alison, one of the world’s largest providers of free online courses, announced today that it crossed the 250,000-learner milestone in Canada. According to data released by Alison today, the most popular courses for Canadians revolve around workplace skills including project management, human resources, food safety and mental health.

The site has grown a significant following throughout Canada, but is most popular in Ontario where 46% of the site’s Canadian users are based, followed by Alberta and British Columbia. Around 52.9% of learners are female, reflecting a trend seen in many countries where women are adopting e-learning at a higher rate than their male counterparts. Alison hosts more than 750 courses online at no charge to the user, and adds new courses each week.

Top 10 most popular courses in Canada

  1. Diploma in Project Management
  2. Diploma in Human Resources
  3. Diploma in Food Safety
  4. Diploma in Nursing and Patient Care
  5. Diploma in Mental Health Studeis
  6. Diploma in Psychology
  7. Diploma in Customer Service
  8. Diploma in Social Work Studies
  9. Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health
  10. Diploma in Operations Management

Alison is one of the world’s largest free online learning platforms for workplace skills, providing free education and skills training to 10 million learners worldwide with over one million graduates. Alison is a for-profit social enterprise with a goal to drive the cost of all education and skills training to zero. Find out more at https://alison.com.


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