OpenTable Releases Major Updates To GuestCenter

OpenTable, the world’s leading provider of online restaurant reservations and part of The Priceline Group (NASDAQ: PCLN), today announced details of major updates to its flagship restaurant management product, GuestCenter.

Designed to focus on availability and customization of the restaurant floor, the new functionality of GuestCenter gives restaurateurs greater control over the number of diners they welcome through their doors and where they seat them. This includes when they accept large party reservations and how they structure specific times within service, ensuring they can seat more diners more efficiently.

The update also enables restaurants to show availability for non-traditional seating. Opening up bar-side, high-top, counter and outdoor areas for reservations gives maximum choice to diners over where they are seated.


The key benefits of the GuestCenter product updates to restaurants include:

  • Even greater control over the diner flow through each service period
  • Categorization of table types to create additional availability by making bar-side, counter, high-top and outdoor seating bookable
  • Define large party size seating times for bigger groups at times when the restaurant can best accommodate them
  • Customization of shift periods within a service to offer different availability by peak and off-peak times

GuestCenter is OpenTable’s flagship cloud-based hospitality product for global restaurants. The product has been designed and custom-built from the ground up to help restaurants optimize their service and benefit from data-driven insights to ensure their restaurant runs as efficiently as possible. Available on iPad and desktop, GuestCenter provides restaurants with marketing and table management tools, enabling them to take round the clock, real-time reservations from diners across the world.

GuestCenter enables restaurants to surface real-time availability to the OpenTable diner network, which seats more than 21 million diners per month across more than 40,000 restaurants around the globe.

Here’s a video of GuestCenter in action:


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