Wikileaks Dumps More CIA Hacking Info

Wikileaks did another dump of CIA hacking info late last week. This time the info relates “Marble” which is part of a secret anti-forensic Marble Framework. In short, it basically is an obfuscator used to hide the true source of CIA malware so that blame for a hack can be shifted to anyone. This was part of source code files that were made public. Now that this is public, people who investigate hacks could in theory would be able to use this to confirm or deny that the CIA was behind a hack that was previously attributed to say the North Koreans, Russians, or Chinese. Wikileaks claims that this was in use as recently as 2016, but no proof has been provided on that front.

I for one will be waiting to see if a forensics company can confirm if this is legit or not. I suspect those answers will come shortly.


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