PSA: Windows Vista Goes EOL Today… And The Windows 10 Creators Update Ships Today

If you’re running Windows Vista, well…. you should really be running some other Microsoft operating system. I say that because Windows Vista goes into end of life status as of today. That means that Microsoft will not offer any kind of security updates or patches for the operating system. So for the roughly 11 million of you who still run Vista for whatever reason, it’s time to switch as every l337 h4x0r (elite hacker) or l337 h4x0r in their own mind is going target Windows Vista users. Besides, Vista wasn’t really that great of an OS anyway.

Ironically, Microsoft picked today to ship out the Windows 10 Creators Update. According to Microsoft, it will roll out in phases starting with newer computers. But those who want it for whatever reason right now can get it using the Update Assistant. Just make sure you have a current backup first. Now I’ll be doing the latter and I’ll let you know what I think of the update in a post later this week.


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