Bose Gets Accused Of Spying On It’s Users

A class action lawsuit has been filed after a owner of a pair Bose headphones allegedly discovered how much personal information that the Bose Connect app was sending to Bose. This allegedly included songs listened to, for how long, and when.

Court documents [Warning: PDF] state that Kyle Zak bought himself a pair of Bose QuietComfort 15 wireless headphones in March, and downloaded the Bose Connect smartphone app that allows the user to control the headsets from their phone. Bose’s app collects data on what kind of songs he was listening to, and for how long, along with a personal identifier code. The lawsuit says these records are routed to a data mining firm called which advertises that it can “collect all of your customer data and send it anywhere.” The thing is, he never gave anyone permission to collect his data and send it anywhere. Plus he claims that he wouldn’t have bought these headsets had he known that Bose was doing this.

For giggles I borrowed a pair of Quiet Comfort 35 headsets and downloaded the Bose Connect App onto my iPhone and discovered that he might have a point. For example, you need to give the app access to GPS data which makes zero sense to to me seeing as you are listening to music which the last time I checked, didn’t require you to give out your location to do so. But the flipside to that is that there’s a section in the software detailing Bose’s privacy policy that clearly states that the app collects data and sends it to third parties. So perhaps this individual missed that part. But I am a computer nerd and not a lawyer.

Now none of this has been proven in court. But if it is, he wants $5 million in his bank account. Bose hasn’t commented, but I for one can’t wait to see what they come back with.


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