Symphonica: Newest Smartphone Accessories Come Out of the Woodwork

Symphonica SoundWorks announced today a new line of acoustic speakers, cases, chargers and remotes for Samsung Galaxy S and Apple iPhone smartphones handcrafted of sustainable woods using environmentally friendly practices.
Going against the grain of plastic smartphone speakers, the Symphonica™ passive horn speaker organically boosts the volume of sound collected from a smartphone’s external speaker by up to 6 decibels or more without electricity, making it ideal for background ambiance or for listening in a relaxed setting, such as bedside or in an office. Symphonica is designed to enhance all types of music, adding body and warmth to naturally equalized sound. Listeners find heightened clarity in the mids and mid-highs where it matters most for vocals, and many musical instruments.

Sculpted to acoustic perfection, this innovative and beautiful product not only serves a useful purpose, but pleases the eye as well. Subtly reminiscent of the iconic gramophone with its Victrola-style speaker horn, the Symphonica exudes elegance with its graceful curves and swirling wood grains that give each horn its own unique character, and make it an object of natural beauty and an instant conversation starter. Symphonica is compatible for iPhone 5 and later, the Samsung Galaxy S series, and any other smartphone with a similarly placed bottom mounted speaker and charging port.
The design is simplicity itself. There are no buttons. There are no power switches. There is no battery to charge. And no power cables to worry about.
Symphonica Soundworks is supporting the launch by launching a crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign aimed at raising the $35,000 needed for initial manufacturing and operations costs. Visit the Kickstart page for Symphonica: Special early-bird packages starting at $25 are available featuring rewards such as matching wooden smartphone cases, docking stands and a rechargeable Bluetooth remote for control of phones, tablets and computers.

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