#EpicFail: Webroot AV Deletes Windows Files & Causes Serious Problems For Users

There’s a 14 page thread on the Webroot Community Forum that describes a very crippling issue where Webroot Antivirus started flagging Windows system files as malicious. Crippling said systems in the process. Now the company has a manual fix for this that was posted to its community forum that involves logging into the Webroot online console and manually creating override rules for all of the erroneously blocked files. Then wait until it takes effect which may be 24 hours or more.

Users are not happy about this and have taken to the community forum to vent their frustration. And rightly so because this is called a false positive. A case where a clean file is flagged as malicious and is blocked or deleted. To have Windows system files affected by this is a #EpicFail because this should never, ever happen.

Webroot has a lot of explaining to do after they help to clean up the damage that this event has caused.



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