Cosmo Connected Helmet-Mounted Brake Light for Motorcyclists Announced

Soaring down the freeway at high speeds and feeling the wind race past is an adrenaline thrill motorcyclists crave. Unfortunately, the risk of accidents is higher on a motorcycle, often from distracted drivers unaware of motorcyclists around them. Cosmo Connected is a detachable smart helmet accessory that combines a rear brake light and mobile application designed to keep riders safe.


If an accident does occur, whether caused by another vehicle or not, Cosmo Connected helps motorcyclists get the help they need. If an accident happens at night or an area with minimal traffic, it could be hours before paramedics arrive. But Cosmo Connected has a built-in gyroscope that detects when a rider falls, and alerts roadside assistance services. If the rider does not respond within three minutes, it contacts family and friends and sends GPS coordinates to emergency responders.

To aid emergency responders in giving medical care, users can add important medical history to the mobile app to provide specific medical requests, medication allergies and blood type. Having health information readily available means the difference between life and death.

The device is designed for all circumstances motorcyclists find themselves in, including non-life threatening situations, from taking a break at the side of the road to riding in day-to-day traffic. Twelve bright LED lights light up to alert surrounding drivers at eye level when motorcyclists decelerate. This gives other drivers time to react accordingly to prevent accidents. Cosmo Connected is also programmable to blink like a hazard light if needed.

But Cosmo Connected isn’t just for the person wearing the helmet. Being family or friends with motorcycle riders can be nerve-racking because they never know if they are late because of traffic, or because they were in an accident. Cosmo Connected provides peace of mind with arrival and departure times connected through the app.

Made of lightweight polycarbonate and EPDM rubber, Cosmo Connected weighs just 5.3 ounces. The device is attached magnetically to the base of the helmet, making it easy to remove. The base is made to fit the curve of any motorcycle helmet. Its lithium polymer rechargeable battery lasts for over eight hours on a charge and recharged via USB, always ready for an impromptu road adventure to last as long there is gas in the tank.

Although Cosmo Connected is designed with motorcyclists in mind, bicyclists can use this device on their helmets too. Sharing the road with Lyfts/Ubers, buses, cars and pedestrians create a tricky environment for bicyclists to navigate safely in urban centers or road biking. Cosmo Connected will alert the surrounding environment of their presence.

Key Features:

  • LEDs attached to a motorcyclist’s helmet to act as a brake light at a driver’s eye level
  • Curved to fit any motorcycle helmet
  • Built in gyroscope to detect if rider has fallen
  • GPS coordinates sent to emergency responders
  • Friends and family stay connected with notification alerts


The Kickstarter campaign launches today and will last 45 days with a goal of $50,000 and an estimated shipping date of August 2017 at the price of $119. The early bird special start at $99 with delivery slated for July 2017. The regular price is $149 for aluminum and $249 for carbon. Consumers have the option to buy four and get one free.

For more information, visit us at or check out Kickstarter!

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