McAfee Shares Strong Password Best Practices On World Password Day

Today is World Password Day, an annual reminder to use strong passwords to protect your accounts and information online.
Passwords play a big part of our daily lives, keeping our digital information safe. As we share more of our personal lives online today, from credit card details to family photos and videos, it’s essential that information is kept as secure as possible by using password best practices. The following tips from McAfee’s Gary Davis should be top of mind when creating new passwords or updating existing ones.
  • Create strong passwords. Passwords are the keys to our digital lives, so make sure you create strong and unique passwords to keep unwanted people out. The more complex your password is, the more difficult it will be to crack. Not to mention, make sure to avoid common and easy to crack passwords like “12345” or “password.”
  • Utilize multi-factor authentication (MFA). Having multiple factors to authenticate your accounts, like your fingerprint, face, or a trusted device, both improves security and makes accessing your online accounts easier. If you use a service that offers MFA, be sure to enable it. The more factors you can combine, the safer your accounts will be.
  • Use a password manager. Take your security to another level with a password manager, like the True Key app. A password manager can help you create strong and secure passwords, remove the hassle of remembering numerous passwords and log you into your favorite websites automatically using multi-factor authentication.
McAfee has posted Davis’ entire comprehensive blog on the importance of strong passwords along with stats of a global survey conducted by McAfee on how people think and feel about their passwords.

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