Review: Kim Dotcom: Caught In The Web

Kim Dotcom is a polarizing figure. Some see him as a figure fighting for Internet freedom and the right not monitored by the powers that be. Others see him as a criminal. However you see him the new documentary Kim Dotcom: Caught In The Web is sure to engage you for the 101 minutes that it runs. Director Annie Goldson walks you through the early life of Kim Schmitz and how he evolved into one of the most wanted men in the world because of his groundbreaking file sharing site Megaupload. At the same time, you see his family life, the flashy lifestyle, his political actions to expose mass surveillance, and his flamboyance. All while the threat of being extradited to the US from New Zealand hangs over his head. The documentary is fast paced, engaging, and won’t leave you wanting more as is a very balanced look at this rather controversial person. If you’re interested in topics such as mass surveillance, piracy and privacy, then you want to see this documentary. It was most recently screened at the Hot Docs Film Festival and will likely be screened elsewhere this year.


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