Microsoft Releases Emergency Patch To Fix Critical Vulnerability In Microsoft Malware Protection Engine

From the “update your systems right the hell now” department comes news that Microsoft has rushed out an emergency patch to fix a vulnerability in the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine that could be used to install malware on your Windows box and take control of your system.

An anti malware program that has a flaw that allows malware to be installed and allow your system to be remotely controlled? Let the irony of that that sink in for a moment.

In any case. the flaw was discovered by Google’s Project Zero superstar Tavis Ormandy his associate and Natalie Silvanovich. On Twitter, he had this to say:

If he thinks it’s crazy bad, then it’s really, really bad and you should pay attention. You can read the highly technical details here.

To Microsoft’s credit, it released a patch straightaway and you can find details here. Thus you should run to Windows Update and get this on your system. Because it’s a safe bet that hackers from the dark side will be looking to pwn those who don’t get this patch installed on their system in short order.


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