goButton To Launch On Kickstarter Shortly

In the world of online shopping, there is always friction in the ordering process. To order an item, open the App or website, search for an item, add to a cart, confirm payment and shipping and then press the “Buy Now” button. To address this, Amazon introduced the “Dash Button”, a small electronic device designed to make ordering products that are often re-ordered, easy and fast with a click of a button. Now, imagine a similar solution for many of those repetitive tasks, not just re-orders. Introducing the goButton.

The goButton is a smart button solution based on the Amazon Dash Button and the first time a general purpose product is being created out of Amazon’s Button. While a lot of hackers have done very interesting things with the Dash Button (and its cousin the AWS IoT Button), the goButton aims to create a solution that everyone can use with no hacking necessary! Business owners that love productivity tools, will love the goButton and small businesses that can create their own Dash Button-equivalents, can create a connection with customers.

goButton can be used within an office, hospital, hotel, restaurant, retail store, or a warehouse. Imagine clicking a button to indicate:

  • The room is dirty and requires cleaning so you call housekeeping;
  • The printer paper-jam needs attention so you report to the support team;
  • The restroom requires cleaning so you call housekeeping;
  • Help is required at the Front desk so you call security;
  • The bin is going to be empty so you execute a re-fill order with a vendor;
  • Book a conference room; or
  • Schedule a package pickup.

The founder of the goButton is Visbyl, a technology company that makes IoT products for businesses.  Through Visbyl’s partnership with Amazon, the Enterprise IoT button has limitless solutions. Features include:

  • Easy setup, just connect to WiFi and setup via companion app/web browser
  • Configurable alerts and notifications: Use goButton App or Web dashboard to set up tasks that get executed when the button is pressed
  • Personalization option for button text: Personalize the button text label such as “Ask Mike” or “Re-Order Items” or “Call Jane”. We also have a “Design your Button” option at gobutton.io website where anyone can try out their own text and then share it on social media
  • Integration with Slack, Skype, SMS and more: We use many different messaging systems, goButton uses your preferred choice to deliver notifications
  • Battery Monitoring: Buttons are good for around 2000 clicks. Based on 2–4 clicks per day, it can last up to 2 years. Advance notifications let you know when goButtons need to be replaced.

Here’s a video of the goButton in action:

goButton will be launching on Kickstarter soon. Please visit https://www.gobutton.io/ for more information.

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