Planner 5D Brings Floor Planning & Interior Design into STEM Education

Seeing the future in technology and adaptive skill learning, the governments around the world are investing in STEM education, and schools are increasingly looking for ways give more attention to these subjects of the future. While STEM is the focus of many schools, the way that academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics are being taught in many places is still ‘old-fashioned,’ and not engaging enough for Generation Z students.

However, many factors indicate that 2017 will be the year when major changes start happening in the classrooms: more and more schools will be integrating digital tools to help the learning process.

For example, Minecraft, beloved by children worldwide, has rolled out its Education Edition last year, which is already taking classrooms by storm, and is being used by teachers to enhance students’ STEM skills, collaboration and creativity.

The new app that is currently entering the classrooms is Planner 5D, an immersive floor planning and interior design tool with 18 million users worldwide. Planner 5D helps create floor plans, customize furniture and interact with other users. As a classroom tool, it will merge both art and science disciplines, expose students to a variety of industries, and help them develop interests in specific areas.

Planner 5D will lead students into integrating mathematics into different steps of creation, and will teach the basics of architecture and engineering. Students will be able to apply measurements into floor planning, learn accuracy, the basics of interior design and even see their projects come alive in virtual reality.

According to recent studies, 65% of Generation Z students say apps help them learn better, pointing to an ever-growing desire for interactive learning. “Students learn real life skills with interactive apps, and they enjoy the process, so going to school and studying STEM can become a fun experience they look forward to,” says Alexey Sheremetyev.

Planner 5D is perfect for implementing homework tasks or group projects to learn collaboration, and allows to design your dream home using math, aesthetics and creativity. The tool works on any browser without plug-ins or installations, and is created for all major platforms, including iOS, Google and Android.

The features of Planner 5D – interactivity, virtual reality, simulation video game technology, and adaptive learning – are already listed among top ed tech trends for 2017, which is a major shift from the linear teacher-student form of learning.

To learn more, please visit Planner 5D’s website. Or take a look at this video:



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