New Study Reveals Vacationers Just Can’t Unplug: McAfee

With summer vacations approaching, savvy cybercriminals have learned how to capitalize on unsuspecting travellers trying to relax and still check on loved ones back at home. For peace of mind and to protect your personal data, consumers need to understand how to identify potential security risks and stay secure while on summer travel.
A new study by McAfee, Digital Detox: Unwind, Relax and Unplug , reveals the digital behaviours of travellers that may open them up to security risks. The survey found that despite the benefits experienced from unplugging, most individuals prefer to stay connected.

Tips for staying secure while travelling:
  • Install security software to stay clear of viruses and malware.
  • Keep your devices updated. The first line of defense for your devices is you.
  • Browse securely. Avoid public or unsecured Wi-Fi networks.
‘Key findings’ or ‘survey highlights’:
  • Only 43 per cent of survey respondents went on vacation in the last year with the intent to unplug.
  • 52 per cent indicated they spend at least an hour a day on vacation using their connected devices.
  • Despite their willingness to unplug, 52 per cent of individuals in their 20s reported they experienced anxiety because of unplugging compared to 37 per cent of people in their 40s.
  • 58 per cent of respondents know how to check if a Wi-Fi network is secured and safe to use; despite this knowledge less than half (49 per cent) take the time to ensure their connection is secured.

For more information on tips for vacationers to stay secure while on the road, check out the blog post here from Gary Davis, chief consumer security evangelist.


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