Review: LNKOO Apple Watch Band

So I’ve been using my Series 2 Apple Watch for a while now, and I have had one issue with it. The sport band that came with it had no ventilation. The net result was that sweat had no place to go and my wrist would kind of be gross after cycling. Now I could have invested in a Nike Sport Band that you can get at the Apple Store. But they’re $65 a shot which seems to be a bit steep….. Says the guy who dropped $550 on a Series 2 Apple Watch. So after doing some reading on what the best third party bands for the Apple Watch are, I came across the LNKOO Apple Watch Band on Amazon.

I’ll cover the price first. It cost me $15.99 CDN which is dirt cheap. However, the quality is top shelf. The company claims that all the metal parts made with hypoallergenic nickel free stainless steel, plus the band itself is made of silicone. It feels like something that Apple would do as there were no build quality issues that I could find. 

In terms of durability, I have hiked, done stair climbing, and cycled with it and I have had no issues. It feels no different than the stock Apple Sport band. And I am getting the ventilation on my wrist that I was looking for without dropping $65 in the process. It is the same size as the stock Apple Sport band which means that I can use my Road ID for the Apple Watch without issue as it means that I don’t have to wear something else on my wrist and I can wear the Road ID all the time for extra safety. It works with Series 1 and Series 2 Apple Watches, comes in a number of colors, and is available in 38mm and 42mm widths. Overall, I have no complaints at all. 

If you want a replacement Apple Watch band that is well suited for your athletic activities, the LNKOO Apple Watch Band is absolutely worthy of your immediate attention.


2 Responses to “Review: LNKOO Apple Watch Band”

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  2. […] Apple Watch Series 2 is also its first international foray along with the LNKOO band I got from Amazon as I plan on using the hotel gym while I am there, and my RoadID because you can’t be too […]

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