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To properly review the Road ID for Apple Watch, I have to explain what a Road ID is. Many people reading this review run, cycle, hike or do some other outdoor activity. However, I’m willing to bet that most of those who are reading this review do not carry any form of ID when they do those activities. That’s a problem if there’s some sort of emergency and you cannot speak for yourself because nobody knows who you are and if you have any sort of medical conditions that would be important at a time like that. Thus Road ID exists. I started using Road ID when they simply had a wristband with a metal plate that was laser etched with emergency contact info. But they’ve since branched out to have a complete lineup of identification gear as well as an app for iOS and Android that allows your friends and family to track you in real time as well as customize your phone’s Lock Screen to provide vital information to first responders in the event of an accident or injury.

With that out of the way, I am going to focus the Road ID for the Apple Watch. Here’s a good look at it via a picture from the Road ID website:

roadid_applewatch_pair_largeThe Road ID for the Apple Watch is basically a custom-engraved, stainless steel ID faceplate that slides onto your existing Apple Watch Sport, Woven Nylon, or Leather band. The company only guarantees that it will fit Apple Watch bands. But it fit my LNKOO Apple Watch band with no issues. Your mileage may vary. You can customize it with your own info. In my case, I have the following:

  • My name
  • My home phone number
  • A message to call my wife in an emergency
  • My wife’s name and cell number

Another option is to go with Road ID Interactive which takes what I mentioned above and adds a 24/7/365 number for first responders to phone as well as a website that in either case can give first responders access to info such as contact numbers, allergies, medications and more. The service is free for the first six months and then costs $9.99 USD a year after that.

Here’s why this has replaced the Road ID Wrist ID Sport that I have worn for years.

  1. The Road ID for Apple Watch adds no bulk and I do not feel it at all. It also appears to have no problem staying in place regardless of what I happen to be doing so that it does not become annoying to have on my Apple Watch.
  2. It is one less thing for me to remember to wear on a ride or a cross country ski. To be frank, I occasionally forget to pop on the Wrist ID Sport which I admit is sort of like tempting fate as the day I forget it will be the day I get into serious trouble.
  3. Because it’s always on my Series 2 Apple Watch, and I wear my Apple Watch all the time, it adds a extra layer of safety as now have something that can speak for me in case I cannot all the time rather than just when I am cycling, hiking, or cross country skiing.

All of that makes the Road ID for Apple Watch an #EpicWin in my book.

Now, if the Apple Watch isn’t your wearable of choice, the company does have options for Fitbit and Garmin users. To get the security that Road ID provides, you can expect to spend $24.99 USD for the Apple Watch plus shipping. Or you can expect to pay between $24.99 to $29.99 USD for other wearables. Add $9.99 USD if you want Road ID Interactive.

My bottom line is this: If you’re someone who runs, hikes, cycles, or you do some other sort of outdoor activity, you need a Road ID. If you wear some sort of wearable, a Road ID for the wearable of your choice such as the Apple Watch is a no brainer. It will speak for you in the event that you’re unable to. And depending on the wearable, that security extends to your daily life as it does in my case since I am an Apple Watch user. And if you don’t buy into what I am saying, Road ID has plenty of examples of the excellent value proposition that Road ID provides.

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