In Depth: Nuvyyo

There’s a problem with broadcast television in Canada. There’s a lack of distribution channels that are available for Canadians. An example of this is when Bell and Rogers took issue with Netflix’s unregulated distribution in Canada. Contrast that with the US where you can get an over the top services like Hulu and Netflix with ease. Never mind being completely able to cut the cord while not losing access to local TV among other things.

This is why Nuvyyo exists. This company makes a product called Tablo which is a small device that works with an antenna so that consumers can discover, stream and record their favorite broadcast television without a cable subscription. I’ve written about this company on three separate occasions in the past and they are now hitting the market with a new version of the Tablo. Called the Tablo DUAL, people can watch their favourite television programming any time they want by streaming and recording up to 40 hours of television without the need for additional storage. The slim form-factor makes it easy for anyone to plug-and-watch their local broadcast television whenever and wherever they choose, and on any device. Cord cutters will love this device. Besides the Tablo, the companies has been integrating its technology with Roku, Amazon Fire TV, AndroidTV.

I spoke to Grant Hall who is the CEO and Founder at Nuvyyo and he is open about the fact that Tablo sells like wildfire in the US because of their ability to cut the cord and not lose anything. As I mentioned above, Canadians don’t have that option at present. The way he sees it, the CRTC has a real opportunity here to really change that if they so choose. There just has to be the will for them to do that. Regardless, the demand for new distribution channels for TV in Canada is strong and that gives opportunities to companies like Nuvyyo to provide products to fill this demand.

Hopefully, the environment will change in Canada to make devices like the Tablo take off in Canada like it has in the US. When that happens, Nuvyyo will be a company to watch as they’ve already proven that they have a product that will give people the ability to cut the cord without giving up the TV options that they are used to.



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