Good News: Roaming Charges For EU Citizens Are Dead. Bad News: Bills Set To Skyrocket

As of tomorrow, EU roaming charges are a thing of the past. So EU citizens in theory can go on vacation without getting a massive phone bill. It took ten years of hard work to get to this point. But consumers in the end are going to win. That’s a good thing. Right?

Not so fast.

A consumer watchdog has warned that bills will skyrocket as telcos will want to make up the lost revenues from charging for roaming. And it may already be happening according to the Telegraph:

Data is where it gets a little bit complicated. Data is ostensibly the same as back home – mobile phone owners can browse the web, use WhatsApp and stream YouTube within their allowances or at the same pay as you go price, although their signal quality will depend on the local network and some operators have been accused of throttling networks abroad. 
However, mobile phone companies are allowed to impose “fair use” policies which means that monthly data allowances are not quite the same as when using mobile internet in the UK. Each of the four UK operators have different allowances. 

So if you were thinking of Instagramming all your food or posting selfies to Facebook while you travel, you may want to think twice. You may not be able to do as much of that as you think and avoid bill shock.

You gotta love those telcos. They’re always thinking of new and creative ways to take money out of your pockets.



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