SURE Universal Shows How Next-Gen Advertising and Data Services Will Win The IoT

SURE Universal, the market leader in next-generation interface solutions for home electronics and appliances, has a message for the IoT companies that want to capitalize on it. Data services and ad-supported business models work beautifully today, and will be even more profitable tomorrow.

SURE Universal’s views on advertising and data as winning business models for the IoT come from a singular perspective. As creators of the Internet’s most widely-used universal remote control application, with over 20 million downloads to date, the company already enjoys robust revenues from industry-leading ad networks such as Google, Facebook and Baidu. When using the SURE app, ads delivered from these networks appear in unutilized “real estate” on the user’s smartphone screen.

However, because the SURE universal remote is the interface for an almost unlimited variety of IoT devices of every type, the relevance of ads and consumer data that travel through the SURE app are greatly enhanced. Media control is an obvious example; users who are using the SURE remote to watch their smart TV can be served relevant previews, and users of a connected music system can receive promotion for relevant artists. Market leaders like Facebook, which earns 95% of its revenues through advertising, are already taking advantage of these kinds of smart-device synergies.

Smart Ads for Smart Devices

At the same time, the ad-model opportunity for IoT software like SURE Universal becomes even more provocative when it can be applied to remote-controlled consumer behaviors beyond content consumption. For example, when the SURE remote is operating a smart washing machine, highly qualified ads for laundry supplies and accessories can be served. When the SURE remote is working a smart thermostat, relevant ads ranging from energy resellers to home improvement contractors can appear. In addition, machine learning and AI-based data services can be used for home energy optimization leading to significant savings for consumers. SURE’s “knowledge” of user’s appliances and their usage in the home can bring offers from insurance companies for usage-based extended warranty and insurance.

Because the SURE Universal remote can be so many “things” in the Internet of Things Universe, it becomes a uniquely valuable carrier for advertising and data services of all kinds. Even small customer profiling significantly increases the profitability of each service provided, and as the consumer acquires additional smart, IoT-connected objects of different kinds in their home, the personalization possibilities for targeted advertising and data services increase exponentially.

Considering that mobile ads now account for more than 50% of Internet advertising revenue, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), ad support provides a clear revenue path for all mobile-facing IoT companies, such as SURE, with little consumer pushback. The IAB reports that 65 percent of respondents surveyed who own IoT devices are willing to see ads on their IoT screens, and in fact, 62 percent said they already have.

Recognizing these opportunities, SURE Universal recently extended its reach into the IoT space with the launch of a technology-agnostic smart home platform, which works on the same ad-supported model (ad-free subscriptions are also available) and is designed to let manufacturers, telcos, MSOs and other service providers share in these revenue opportunities. The SURE platform is fully compliant with the new OCF (Open Connectivity Foundation) standard for device interoperability, and is the first remote control system to be OCF certified.

In addition to the SURE Universal Software Remote, the world’s top ranked, most highly-rated remote control application, the platform includes the SURE Cloud, a ready-to-configure cloud solution that provides vendors with an easy infrastructure for data analytics and monetization, as well as future services which can translate into new revenue opportunities.

These new revenue possibilities for these cutting-edge IoT applications are made possible by one of the oldest and most reliable revenue models in business – ad support. While the SURE Universal smart home solution provides OEMs and service providers with a state-of-the-art environment for today’s ad-supported revenue production, it also paves the way toward new kinds of monetization opportunities through data services never before possible prior to the popularization of smart homes and smart devices.

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