MedChart Gives Patients Instant Access To Their Medical Histories

MedChart consolidates medical records into a secure, accessible online platform. Patients provide consent and basic personal information that allows MedChart to collect their medical records, which are then converted from paper, film, digital and other forms into searchable electronic records. The cloud-based MedChart portal can be accessed anywhere on any device.

For patients, especially those with a history of multiple illnesses, it’s easy to get discouraged by the number of consultants and specialists they encounter over the years, conflicting diagnoses, miscommunication and a general sense of helplessness. With MedChart, patients can avoid problems by spotting and quickly fixing errors, duplicate tests, and under or over medication. More importantly, they have the peace of mind that the right information is being shared with the people who need it in order to treat them better.

The portal uses industry-leading encryption technologies used by healthcare providers. Records such as past illnesses, procedures, medication, exams, and diagnostic tests can be stored and made available to healthcare providers, insurers, legal representatives, family and other designees worldwide.

In case of emergency, a wallet-friendly MedCard allows critical records such as medications and allergies to be accessed by doctors, family or other caregivers on any device.

MedChart is currently available to the public in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. The company plans to roll out to the rest of Canada in the coming months. It raised startup funding from the Ontario Centres of Excellence and Hero Ventures, and received awards from the University of Toronto Start@UTIAS and Entrepreneurship Hatchery accelerator programs.


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