StaffConnect Announces Strong Customer Momentum

StaffConnect Group has announced record results with continued exponential customer adoption across Europe, North America, APAC and the Middle East, adding global brands in virtually every industry vertical – including manufacturing, healthcare, travel and telco.  The StaffConnect Platform together with its management console and unique AppSuccess program continued to be met with overwhelming market acclaim, leading to a 55% customer acquisition growth over the same period last year.
Research has proven time-and-again that employee satisfaction is critical for businesses to reach their full potential, with employee engagement serving as a critical component in overall satisfaction levels. Yet, according to Gallup, only 13 percent of employees worldwide are actually feeling engaged at work. The situation is only slightly better in the U.S. – with about one-third (32 percent) of American workers reporting feeling involved and enthusiastic about their job.  And, research by Temkin Group shows that as company size increases, engagement decreases.  With these statistics in mind, it makes sense that C-level executives in forward looking companies are recognizing the strategic importance of building a business case for employee engagement, realizing how the employee experience of company culture links to end customer satisfaction, and bottom-line corporate profits.
The StaffConnect Platform transforms how employers reach, communicate and engage with employees, and how employees engage with each other – regardless of what they do, or where they are located.  The StaffConnect platform features an interactive app, an intuitive console and an inspiring success program:
  • StaffConnect App – unites the entire workforce from the field to the boardroom – enabling all employees to engage with company communications and connect with and be inspired by corporate goals. Employees are empowered to express views and share knowledge across business-lines, titles and geographies; thereby increasing employee job satisfaction, loyalty and retention. The StaffConnect app is designed specifically to deliver a better employee experience, which ultimately leads to better served customers, greater customer loyalty and increased revenues. Discover the app:
  • Management Console – provides authorized administrators a powerful yet simple tool to manage all aspects of the StaffConnect Platform. Reports and dashboards offer invaluable insight into employee engagement levels, in order to analyze and understand each individual, as well as the overall organizational, employee experience.  See the Management Console:
  • AppSuccess Program – consists of customized consultations with a domain expert(s) to define a winning internal communications strategy, ensure a successful program and app launch, accelerate user adoption, and provide a pathway for feedback in order to continuously maximize app and program performance.  Learn about AppSuccess:

For further information, please visit:


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