eBay Shares Some Facts About The iPhone

The iPhone is celebrating its 10th anniversary on June 29th. In recognition of this milestone, eBay Canada shared some stats that are both Canada-specific and global.

After Steve Jobs’ inaugural iPhone announcement at Mac World in 2007, consumers’ love for the iPhone has steadily increased. Here are some highlights from the last 10 years of buying and selling the popular device on eBay:

In Canada

  • So far this year, Canadians are buying an iPhone every 9 minutes on eBay, and selling an iPhone every 10 minutes
  • Currently, there are nearly 50,000 iPhone listings on eBay.ca
  • The first iPhone ever bought by a Canadian on eBay was a brand new 8GB first generation model, for more than $1,100 CAD in 2007. The buyer was from Manitoba
    •   The first pre-sale went for more than $2,500 CAD to a buyer in B.C.
  • The first iPhone sold on eBay by a Canadian was a brand new 8GB first generation model, for just under $700 CAD, in 2007. The seller was an Ontarian
  • Canadians in Ontario have purchased and sold the most iPhones, per capita, since they’ve been available on the site – followed by Quebec and British Columbia
  • Those in B.C. spend the most on an iPhone, on average, and those living in the Territories spend the least
  • Ontario sellers get the most money for an iPhone, on average, while Manitobans sell for the most competitive price


  • Around the release of a new iPhone model, the eBay iPhone economy kicks into high gear with buyers looking to score a great deal on a previous generation, and sellers looking to trade in before they trade up to the newest model
    • In the two weeks leading up to the 2016 release of the iPhone 7, one iPhone 6 was sold every minute on eBay globally
    • For two weeks following the launch of the iPhone 6 in September 2014, nearly 435 previous generation iPhones sold on eBay per hour

Consumers can find every generation of iPhone on eBay. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, shoppers can visit ebay.ca/iphone this week to get deals on some of the newest iPhone generations and check out some interesting finds, all the way back to the one that started it all. For example, you can currently purchase an unopened 1st generation iPhone for just over $10,000 CAD.


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