NordVPN Launches Cybersec Security Platform

NordVPN has just launched CyberSec, a new security feature that is designed to block advertisements, malware, botnet abuse and other threats. The new feature is a part of the NordVPN’s Windows version 6.4 or later, and will function together with VPN.

From now on, a NordVPN user will be able to receive full protection from annoying ads, malware or phishing attacks, and other threats.

CyberSec resembles a content blocker, but runs on the network level, and not as a browser extension. How does it work? It references real-time block lists of harmful websites that may host malware, spyware, trackers or other dangerous software. When NordVPN’s DNS server receives a user’s request to enter a specific site, CyberSec will check its name against the list of possible threats and decide whether or not to allow the requested access.

If the site that the user is trying to reach is included in a list of harmful sites and blocked by NordVPN CyberSec, its contents won’t be displayed and the user will see a warning message instead.

CyberSec performs a triple function:

  1. It blocks intrusive adsthrough integrated ad blocker that prevents ads from loading right before you enter any website.
  2. It defends against malware.CyberSec constantly checks suspicious websites against blocking lists. When a user is accidentally lured into a phishing or a malware-hosting site, NordVPN reacts immediately and blocks the dangerous action.
  3. It prevents the device from participating in DDoS attacks even if it’s already infected with malware. It will cut any communications between the compromised asset and the botnet’s controllers, at the same time securing your internet traffic and resources.

How to enable CyberSec?

Enabling CyberSec is very easy: simply open the NordVPN app for Windows and go to Settings (Android and MacOS versions are coming in the next weeks). NordVPN users can enable or disable the status of the feature in the client interface under Settings > General. CyberSec works automatically once it’s enabled, and all applications that run the user’s network will benefit from its features. NordVPN customers who upgrade to the latest version, will receive a popup informing them about the new feature.

For more information, please visit the CyberSec page.


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