Kaspersky Punted From Feds List Of Approved Vendors

Following up on this story from yesterday which suggested that Russian antivirus company Kaspersky had ties to Russian intelligence, it seems that Kaspersky has a full blown crisis on its hands as it has apparently been removed from the US government’s list of approved vendors:

The delisting represents the most concrete action taken against Kaspersky following months of mounting suspicion among intelligence officials and lawmakers that the company may be too closely connected to hostile Russian intelligence agencies accused of cyber attacks on the United States.

Kaspersky products have been removed from the U.S. General Services Administration’s list of vendors for contracts that cover information technology services and digital photographic equipment, an agency spokeswoman said in a statement.

Here’s why this happened:

The action was taken “after review and careful consideration,” the spokeswoman said, adding that GSA’s priorities “are to ensure the integrity and security of U.S. government systems and networks.”

Translation: We don’t trust Kaspersky.

You have to wonder how much of this comes from actual proof that the company and how much comes from politics? Either way, it’s not a good situation.


One Response to “Kaspersky Punted From Feds List Of Approved Vendors”

  1. […] this has been going on for months as evidenced by these posts on the subject. But this is a major escalation. And one that is sure to get a response from not just the software […]

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