SURE Universal Introduces Software-Defined IoT Platform Based On Open Connectivity Foundation Standard

SURE Universal Ltd. introduces the Software-Defined IoT (SD-IoTTM) platform as the next-generation software solution for digital media, Smart Home, and IoT. At MWC Shanghai in July 2017, SURE Universal demonstrated an Android based Set-Top Box (STB) that includes both Smart TV and IoT gateway functionality based on OCF protocol.

With the introduction of the IoT gateway, SURE achieves a complete SD-IoT solution including the smartphone universal remote client, cloud platform for communications data, and micro-controller software for smart appliances. The SURE SD-IoT platform enables any manufacturer to turn their legacy appliances into smart appliances that are compliant with the OCF standard and therefore interoperable with other Smart Home products.

The novel solution is based on the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) protocol, which is the leading open-source standard for IoT vendors to allow their appliances and smart devices to work seamlessly together, regardless of brand. OCF originated in 2017 from a merger of three different IoT standards developed separately by Microsoft, Samsung, and Qualcomm. Currently, OCF has close to 500 members including most leading appliance vendors in the world. SURE Universal delivered the first software solution to receive OCF mobile client certification.

The consumer part of the solution is the award winning SURE Universal Remote app for digital media and legacy infra-red appliances. It is available for Android and iOS smartphones and has millions of active users. The latest version of SURE Universal Remote for Android announced at MWC Shanghai, features Amazon Alexa voice assistant integration. Future versions of SURE Universal Remote will also include support for Google Voice and Apple Siri, making SURE Universal Remote the only smartphone application needed to control any connected device with voice commands.

The SURE Software-Defined IoT separates the control layer from the underlying hardware. So now, industry players including smart appliance vendors, STB manufacturers, and Multiple-System Operators (MSOs) can provide compelling IoT systems using inexpensive off-the-shelf devices from multiple vendors, and be assured of their interoperability. They will no longer be dependent on a single supplier for smart devices, and still will be able to provide their customers with a coherent, universal, and simple user experience.

Currently, SURE Universal is integrating the SD-IoT technology with some of the biggest appliance manufacturers in the world to assist them with implementation of the OCF protocol and to achieve interoperability with other IoT vendors. The appliance vendors benefit from fast time-to-market because of the proven SURE Universal technology. In addition, the SURE SD-IoT solution is future-proof because of its compliance with the OCF standard.


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