#Fail: OnePlus 5 Handsets Allegedly Rebooting When Users Dial 911 or 999

Users on Reddit are reporting on a problem that seems kind of troubling. Apparently if you own a OnePlus 5 and if you dial emergency services in the UK via 999 or do the same thing in the US or Canada which is 911, your phone will reboot. One user even took to Facebook to show the fail in action. I for one don’t recommend that you try this at home as the authorities get kind of upset when you needlessly dial your local emergency services.

For its part OnePlus has been spreading the word that they’re working with customers individually to solve the issue. That kind of implies that there is a bug that they need to fix. If you’ve tripped over this, send an email to support@oneplus.net to start the process to get you sorted.


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