Netatmo Welcome Now Does Pet Detection

If you have a pet and a security camera in your home, chances are that your pet would set off the camera simply by walking about. Seeing as 41% of Canadian households have at least one dog, while 37% of households have at least 1 cat, that’s a bit of a problem. Netatmo has a solution for that that is now available for their Welcome security camera. It’s called Pet Detection.

Welcome’s unique Pet Detection feature enables to track motion caused by pets. Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence algorithm, Welcome tells specifically when an animal passes in front of the camera, in real-time. Users can choose to ignore motion alerts caused by pets to prevent false alerts or keep them running to check on their favorite companions when they are not home.

Thanks to its superior face recognition technology, the Netatmo Welcome also alerts users on their smartphone about intruders, complete with a picture of their face and a video of the intruder.

I reviewed the Wecome camera recently. Please click here to see what I thought of it.



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