Sears Canada Sparks Social Media PR Disaster

Sears Canada is in creditor protection at the moment. For the Americans reading this, think of it as being in chapter 11 bankruptcy. As a result of that, many workers will end up losing everything from health benefits, pensions, and ending up with little or no severance payments as a result. Meanwhile it is being reported by various media outlets in Canada that execs are being paid millions in retention bonuses. That of course isn’t going over so well. Thus it has sparked the hashtag #BoycottSearsCanada and the company’s Facebook page has been flooded with comments from people vowing not to shop at Sears.

Here’s a few tweets related to this:

Cue the PR disaster.

I am guessing that the top brass at Sears Canada didn’t think the optics through when it came to this as many of these people who helping this hashtag to trend on Twitter feel that these execs shouldn’t get a dime for putting the company in this position in the first place. It will be interesting to see if this social media backlash results in a course correction by the head honchos at Sears Canada.


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