Flash To Be Deep Sixed By Adobe By 2020

Somewhere Steve Jobs is declaring victory when it comes to killing Adobe Flash. The news is out that the once popular, but now exploit ridden browser plug in will be dead by 2020:

The software company’s decision to phase out Flash is noteworthy considering that the software has been synonymous with Adobe since its debut for playing videos and animations in web browsers. As the Internet matured and grew in popularity over the years, so did Flash, which became one of the most widely used ways for people to watch video clips and play online video games.

But as more people used Flash, criminals increasingly found ways to exploit security vulnerabilities in the technology and hack into people’s computers. Flash’s increasing holes and bugs soon became a source of frustration for some of the world’s biggest technology companies.

Frankly, Flash won’t be missed. With standards such as HTML 5 and Web GL, there are way better and safer ways to display web content than Flash.

R.I.P. Flash.

UPDATE: Here’s the official word from Adobe.

One Response to “Flash To Be Deep Sixed By Adobe By 2020”

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