A Petition To Open-Source Flash? Like WTF?

In a strange twist of fate, there’s now a petition to open-source Flash. Here’s where it gets weird. The petition acknowledges Adobe’s reasons for killing Flash, namely that it’s been superseded and is woefully insecure. But….:

However Flash along with its sister project Shockwave is an important piece of Internet history and killing Flash and Shockwave means future generations can’t access the past. Games, experiments and websites would be forgotten.

Open sourcing Flash and the Shockwave spec would be a good solution to keep Flash and Shockwave projects alive safely for archive reasons. Don’t know how, but that’s the beauty of open source: you never know what will come up after you go open source! There might be a way to convert swf/fla/drc/dir to HTML5/canvas/webgl/webassembly, or some might write a standalone player for it. Another possibility would be to have a separate browser. We’re not saying Flash and Shockwave player should be preserved as is.

I don’t know of anything that was made with Flash that would be worth this effort to preserve a piece of software that is horribly insecure. But that’s just me. If you have a different view of this, I would ask you to share your thoughts by leaving a comment.


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