App Empowering Iranian Women w/ Sexual Health & Legal Resources

Today, United for Iran, a Bay-Area NGO working to promote civil liberties and civil society in Iran, is announcing the release of Hamdam, the second app to come out of the organization’s app incubation project, the IranCubator.

Hamdam is a groundbreaking mobile app that serves as a one-stop-shop for information related to the reproductive and legal rights of Iranian women. Not only does the app empower women to track their menstrual calendar (based on the Persian Jalali Calendar) and sexual health including STD and contraceptive methods information, it also helps them navigate Iran’s discriminatory legal structures with information oriented to empower their lives. Hamdam provides a database with easy to understand language regarding marriage laws and how women can tackle issues related to employment, education, divorce and division of assets. The app is designed to help Iranian women stay healthy, protect their rights in a repressive country, and maintain their dignity. It also provides information on domestic violence and sexual harassment, and rape in addition to the  emergency call button. Thus Hamdam, which in Persian means companion, aims to be Iranian women’s health and rights companion.

Hamdam is available on Android devices – the most commonly used smartphone in Iran, comprising 70% of the Iranian smartphone market.

Key facts about United for Iran’s IranCubator app development project – The IranCubator:

  • United for Iran launched its new app incubation program in June 2016, seeking to match civil society activists with app developers and programmers to build smartphone applications for the 40 million smartphone users currently living in Iran.
  • IranCubator provided financial and technical support to winning developers and activists with projects that advance civil society in Iran.
  • All submissions were judged by the IranCubator Advisory Board consisting of notable technology and security experts, internet freedom advocates and social entrepreneurs including Allen Gunn, Christopher Allen and Danny Kennedy.
  • Ahead of the IranCubator competition, United for Iran conducted an extensive Community Needs Assessment with Iranian activists to determine the specific tools for advancing civil liberties.  Based on those findings, the IranCubator Advisory Judges prioritized apps and ideas that fight against the legal and socio-cultural discrimination against women, immigrants, people with disabilities and LGBTQ communities, as well as projects that promote education for underserved communities.

Click here for more information about Hamdam.


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