OpenTable Launches Restaurant Management Software and Online Booking Platform In Amsterdam

OpenTable has announced further expansion to its international reach with its launch in Amsterdam.

As part of the expansion, OpenTable will be working with restaurants to help them tap into its global diner network, which delivers more than 22 million seated diners to restaurants worldwide each month.


To further showcase their offering to global diners, restaurants will be able to list special offers and set menu options on the OpenTable network, catering to an increasing audience of diners looking for authentic, local dining experiences.

In addition to helping restaurants target global travellers, OpenTable has unveiled the localized version of its flagship hospitality products, GuestCenter and Connect, designed to help restaurants run and grow their business. Both products have been specifically designed and custom-built to help restaurants optimize their service and ensure their business runs as efficiently as possible.

GuestCenter is OpenTable’s full service front-of-house product, enabling restaurants to effectively plan shifts, enhance table management, better understand their guests and make smarter business decisions through reporting and analytics. Connect offers restaurants an affordable marketing tool for those who don’t need a full front-of-house product, enabling them to take reservations round the clock and access basic reporting tools.

At launch, nearly 100 restaurants are bookable through OpenTable’s website and via the global app, with more to be added to the network in the coming months.

The Amsterdam restaurants join the more than 42,000 restaurants available on OpenTable across more than 20 countries, including renowned global dining hotspots such as Berlin, Dublin, London, Melbourne, New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto. The restaurants will be available for reservations in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German and Dutch languages.


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