Freshfiber Launches World’s First “Full Colour Textural” 3D Phone Cases

Freshfiber announced the launch of their new Full Color Textural collection of phone cases.  The new 3D collection features ground breaking, high definition 3D color technology that creates a bold and intense aesthetic never before possible.  The introduction of this new color technology in their 3D product offering opens the door to an infinite new array of possibilities for consumers.


The Full Color Textural collection is inspired by elements of the natural world, with all the high depth texture and full color that nature inspires. From crashing waves, to underwater life, to the fragility, fluidity and flow of mother nature, Freshfiber has meticulously curated a set of 6 new phone case designs.


About the new Full Color Textural collection

  • Sculptural with incredible inch by inch detail.
  • Designed by hand and thoroughly tested by our digital craftsmen.
  • Customize with your own text, quote, wish, or your very own logo. Just for you or as a gift, custom-made at your doorstep within 2 weeks.
  • Every product we sell is a unique piece, as it was made just for you.
  • Manufactured with the latest and innovative technologies. Join a community of 300,000+ Freshfiber customers worldwide – the first to use their tailor-made accessories in their daily lives.
  • Shock, bump and scratch protection. The case perfectly shapes around the front of your smartphone to prevent it from lying or falling directly on its screen.
  • Ships worldwide from the Netherlands.
  • Designers: Matthijs Kok, Jannie Smits
  • Compatible with: iPhones 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8 …..Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ ….Sony Experia XZ
  • Price: 32.99 Euro  |  Customized with text or logo: 42.99 Euro

Consumers are able to customize their phone case: funny little catch phrases, names, logos…tiny details or elements that add sparkle to the day, it is now possible to have these permanently incorporated into your phone case – taking it a step beyond.

The complete collection
In addition to the new Full Color Textural cases launched in August 2017, Freshfiber has a vast range of consumer electronic and fashion accessories.  Dramatic variety, iconic designs, textural appeal – these are just some of the aspects driving demand for Freshfiber products into an ever-expanding world market, all available on the Freshfiber online store.



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